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Four (4) Essential Mountain Biking Gear You Should Get

Mountain biking gears is very important. Before you get started mountain biking, you have to decide what kind of bike and equipment you will need. There are three major categories when it comes to mountain bikes: free ride, hybrid, and a hardtail. Each one has its pros and cons and you should research each before getting started. You may also want to start by just riding the street bikes you see on your regular commute. It’s a great way to get a feel for what’s out there and become more familiar with what you like.

Four Essential Mountain Biking Gears

If you’re looking to be a minimalist rider, then a mountain bike with a minimal set of gears is what you want. These are often called hardtail bikes and they usually don’t have a front wheel that can be locked. Hardtail mountain bikes save you a lot of weight compared to other models. For example, a mountain bike with just the necessary gear to get you from Point A to Point B can weigh as little as 15 pounds or less.

You should look for a rear rack bike rack for added security. They come in various lengths and can easily go over a bike. The typical bike rack is attached to the handlebars or saddle. However, there are ones that are free-standing that you can put right on your bike. If you plan to go off-road a lot, then this is the way to go. They make life a lot easier when going on longer mountain trips and they provide additional security.

rearview mirrors

A helmet is something that everyone has to wear when they go on a trip on a mountain. However, if you plan on riding in the summertime and don’t plan to be wearing a helmet, then you may want to consider a full-face helmet. These are very light and can easily be slipped over your head, but they offer better protection than the thinner and more flimsy helmets that you can get at discount stores.

Another very important piece of what mountain biking gear should I get? Boots. There is a lot of walking involved when you are on a mountain trail. You will be crossing logs and rocks, risks of being hit by branches, and other hazards. Your best chance for staying dry and protected is by having good boots. Look for leather boots with steel toes or flip-flops if you’re going to be doing a lot of walking.

Clothing needs to keep you warm in the cold and dry in the heat. A good long sleeve shirt is essential if you are going to be doing a lot of hiking. Other pieces of what mountain biking gear should I get? Lightweight rain suits and breathable clothing with lots of pockets.

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Decide whether you are going to be riding on streets or a trail. If you plan on riding on a paved road, you need to check to make sure the tire tread is good and that the bicycle frame is sturdy. If you are planning on riding on a dirt path, you need to make sure your bike’s tires are strong and properly inflated. In between rides, always check your gear. Make sure it’s still in good shape and usable. Pack everything you will need and take a day trip to pick it up if you haven’t ridden much recently.

These are the basic questions you should ask yourself when thinking about what mountain biking gear you need. There are plenty of accessories available, as well. For instance, you may want to consider purchasing a helmet. Head protection is an essential safety consideration no matter what level of biking you are doing. Remember to do some research about what mountain biking gear should I get, and always follow the manufacturer’s directions for your safety and comfort.