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How Much Fun is the Lightest Bike?

So, what is the lightest bike? This is a question that many will ask, especially after they have seen some of the incredible bikes that have won the most prestigious races on Earth.

It’s hard to believe that lightweights can win major races and look so good doing it. Lightweight motorcycles are built for speed and maneuverability and for those who are new to this sport, may not understand how this is possible. Once they understand how light the bike is, they will be blown away by how light it is and how much fun it is to ride.

The average weight of an hour plus bike can weigh anywhere from seven hundred to eight hundred pounds. The average weight for a bike with saddlebags is about eight hundred pounds. So, what is the lightest bike? The one that is the lightest in weight is the cruiser class.

The reason for this is that these bikes were designed to be street legal. In other words, they were built to be able to go down the street without a whole lot of extra weight. These bikes also have longer top tube lengths as well as slimmer mounts in the back. The reason for this is that a class cruiser bike needs to coast easier when it isn’t going fast. So, if you want to coast easier then you need to build your bike for this.

Other than the fact that cruisers are built lighter, they are built more aerodynamic as well. This means that the air flows over the tires a lot more. When you are riding on a road, this allows you to feel a lot smoother while you are going down the road. The smoother you feel while you are pedaling, the more control you have over your bike. Therefore, the lighter your bike is, the more control you will have over your bike.

The Lightest Bike

Of course, when we talk about what is the lightest bike, we are also talking about a bike that is going to be a lot easier for you to ride. A lot of bike weight nowadays is just added to the wheels. This means that you are riding a bike that is much heavier than necessary. Not only does this weigh you down, but it makes riding harder as well.

So, instead of a bike that is too heavy, you want a lightweight bike. Therefore, what is the lightest bike has to do with getting a bike that is easier to ride.

lightest bike

Your next question might be, “Why should I buy a bike that is the lightest bike?” The truth is, that in some cases, you do not even need a light bike. If you have a downhill bike, then you don’t need a super light bike, because downhill bikes are already light enough. They just have more mass on them. Therefore, by getting a lighter bike, you will not only get a faster ride but also be able to climb hills a lot faster.

Another reason why you should buy a light bike is that it can help you improve your speed. What if you could go downhill and still go as fast as you want to? Well, that is possible, thanks to special wheels that have less material on them. The harder the wheel is on the bottom, the more grip it has, which will allow you to go as fast as you want to. What is the lightest bike? Well, that is exactly what you are looking for.

Now that you know what is the lightest bike, you are probably wondering if you should buy a new bike or a used one. In most cases, a used bike is going to be cheaper, especially if it is from a private owner. However, you must check out the bike first, before you make a purchase. If you take care of your bike now, it will last you for a long time!