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Fat Bike: The 4 Astonishing Advantages, Against Normal Mountain Bikes

fat bike

Have you heard of the fat bike? You might have seen them around but are just unaware of their true potential. If you are an avid cyclist, then you have probably wondered what are the benefits of the fat bike over normal mountain bikes. Aside from the fact that you can save a lot of money if you decide to buy a fat bike rather than a regular bike, several other benefits make these bikes worth your consideration. This article will enumerate some of the benefits of these bikes.

 “Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live.”

Mark Twain

Unlike regular bikes, these bikes are easy to ride and very maneuverable. Even beginners in mountain biking can ride this kind of bike without any problems. Compared to regular bikes, the steering wheel of these bikes is much more rigid, and this helps beginners get used to the tight turning radius. The stiffer steering wheel also allows for more feedback as to the resistance offered by the bike.

The Benefits of the Fat Bikes against Normal Mountain bikes

One benefit is that these bikes provide a complete cycling experience. Most normal bikes only provide a cardiovascular workout. But with a fat bike, you can enjoy a full-body workout while cycling at the same time. These bikes also have hand brakes, which makes them easier to control during uphill climbs.

Another advantage of riding a fat bike is that you can maximize physical fitness while saving space at the same time. Normal bikes require a lot of space to store the bike, which means you need to make room for storing the bike in your garage or shed. On the other hand, fat bikes can be stored in the trunk of your car, making it very convenient to get into the gym while saving time and space.

Fat bikes can climb steep hills easier and faster compared to the normal bike’s ability to climb steep hills. This makes it ideal for athletes who are looking for an alternative to racing on normal tracks. You can also climb steep hills at a lower level because of the bike’s suspension system. It offers a smooth ride over bumpy terrains.

What are the advantages of the fat bike against normal bikes? Fat bikes are more aerodynamic than regular bikes. They also have better handling, greater speed, and they can go further even with less physical effort. A fat bike’s suspension system is also superior to a regular bike’s.

What are the disadvantages of the fat bike? If you decide to use the bike, then you need to take extra care of it. Fat bikes tend to accumulate lots of sludge during the riding experience which may affect the bike’s performance. They are not as durable as normal mountain bikes. When you buy this bike, be sure to get a good warranty from the seller.

Do I need a special helmet for the fat bike? Fat bikes do need a special helmet that protects the rider from skull fractures due to falls. The helmet must fit well because if it’s too loose, it could go through your head. Some helmets have vents to help keep the air inside the head while preventing cold and wet to enter. Choose a helmet according to your head size and comfort.

What are the disadvantages of the fat bike against normal mountain bikes? This kind of bike has a lesser suspension system than normal bikes. The tires don’t have a deep tread and are instead more like a mud bike’s tires. Therefore, they are not able to give you that “amped” feel that you would experience if you are on a regular bike.

What are the advantages of the fat bike against normal mountain bikes? The suspension system of this bike is much more efficient compared to regular bikes and you will get a smoother ride when riding this type of bike. However, this bike is not for everyone. If you have a bad back, have injured legs, or have problems with your knees, then this bike might not be the best one for you. The tires are not suitable for downhill and you should be able to coast smoothly even at high speeds.