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Racing Bike: The 2 Problems With Insane Cheap price

What is the big deal with these insanely cheap racing bike? A question sent to me the last time I checked my email from an acquaintance. After riding them for a few days, he wrote to say: “I just bought a Surly Deathwish. It’s pretty cool. The thing that’s a problem is that there are so many of them, and I can’t tell which one to get.” That’s when I remembered my first experience with these cheap BMX racing bike.

racing bike

First off, they were ugly. Big, bony bikes with huge buttresses on slick seats. To me, it looked like they cost at least three times as much as a comparable, more expensive mountain bike. Then, racing bikes didn’t have nearly as much power as their more expensive counterparts. They certainly didn’t make me feel like I was peddling a Tricross bike.

But despite all the drawbacks, I decided to give them a try. And I wasn’t disappointed. The cheap Surly’s are surprisingly good overall, and they’re much lighter and easier to maneuver than I expected. So, I’m left with this question: What’s wrong with these bikes?

In my experience, the main issue with these cheap BMX racing bikes is that they aren’t built solidly. Sure, they might be cheaper than other bikes in the same class, but their frames are cheap. They won’t hold up over the long haul. If you ride cheap BMX cycles often enough, you’ll eventually break them. It may not be today, maybe a month or two later, but that’s where they end up.

The second issue I’ve noticed with these bikes is that they don’t have proper handlebars. They’re short and stubby and offer very little leverage. It’s hard to balance on these bikes. Another drawback is that they don’t offer a proper rear end. They’re not particularly sturdy. In short, these are poor-quality bikes.

They’re expensive because they’re also substandard. The frame is hollow, meaning it’s difficult to upgrade. And while their tires are made out of plastic, they’re not of the best quality. If you ride these often enough, they’ll break. If you ride them fast enough, they’ll get damaged.
The third thing I’d like to point out about these bikes is that they have very limited usage. If you ride yours long enough, you will get bored of it. Not only that, but these types of cheap machines are difficult to repair and are very dangerous as well.

So what’s wrong with this insane cheap racing bike?

If you ride one often enough, you will get bored of it. But if you don’t ride it often enough, you will be risking your life. Unless you want to spend a few hundred dollars (and then spend another couple hundred on repairs) or worse, get seriously injured, avoid these machines at all costs.

I can’t say what the best options for a racing bike are. They’re very different from each other and can be expensive and tricky to choose. You can however find great deals online.

In any case, I would stay away from the more expensive models of these bikes. You’ll spend a lot of money on these bikes without even really noticing it. What’s the point in buying something that’ll get old and obsolete within months?

The other problem I see with these bikes is the general quality of them. They’re cheaply made, they don’t last long and they can be quite dangerous. They won’t last long enough for you to enjoy your hobby. So what’s the point in wasting money like that? If you want to enjoy a thrilling hobby, you need something more powerful, more expensive, and with a much longer lifespan.

There are much better solutions than that. There’s a reason why the top brands out there are making so much money. They offer quality products and a real investment if you buy a high-quality product that’ll last a while.